‪Day 2 – Nearly Zero Energy Building Forum (nZEB).

‪Day 2 – Nearly Zero Energy Building Forum at the Clayton Hotel, Wexford. ‬


‪Thorough and informative presentation by @patkirwan of Henry J Lyons Architects on the new Central Bank Building in Dublin:

Along with other international + Irish speakers, covering many critical and emerging topics including:‬

  • How we build our buildings,
  • Where we build our buildings,
  • The circular economy,
  • Off site construction and reducing waste,‬
  • Keep it simple, but not simplistic,
  • Using technologies to monitor, measure and control our buildings,‬
  • Reducing primary energy load + then supplement it with renewable energies,‬
  • If it is not economic viable, then it is not sustainable,‬
  • Super good indoor climate, indoor air quality + reducing people’s risk of allergies, ill-health and  asthma;
    • Less ventilation = more humidity,
    • Leading to more mould + mould spores,
    • Leading to more asthma!!‪
  • ‘Sharing mode’,
  • Enforcement, auditing + checklists,
  • Changes to Ireland’s space heating systems (moving from oil boilers towards heat pumps),

  • Ireland’s requirement to build approx. 25,000 housing units per year until 2040.