House Extension + Renovation - Dungarvan, West Waterford. Eoin O'Keeffe Architects.

Nearing Completion! 👀🙌👏
Double Extension Project. #PolishedConcrete samples reviewed & approved with Client + Builder. 💪

#Light + #Space + #Materials
#Designing #SingleFamilyHomes

(A social media post from 22 Feb 2020.)

House Extension + Renovation - Dungarvan, West Waterford. Eoin O'Keeffe Architects.
Getting ready in advance of the new Kitchen
House Extension + Renovation - Dungarvan, West Waterford. Eoin O'Keeffe Architects.
Polished Concrete Sample
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The connection of People + their House to a Site.

Finally sharing images of a Waterford bungalow extension + renovation completed during 2019. 👏🙌👷‍♀️👷‍♂️✏️📏🏗️

For more, see the project page: http://www.eoinokeeffearchitects.com/house-renovation-exte…/See More

(A social media post from 04 Jan 2020.)

Bungalow House Extension + Renovation - West Waterford. Eoin O'Keeffe Architects
New Kitchen Window Splash-back.
Bungalow House Extension + Renovation - West Waterford. Eoin O'Keeffe Architects
New Extension.
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Always love starting a new job + getting out to do the Survey. 📏📋✏️

Especially on an older House.🖤

Even if the 1st Floor is on 4 different levels…. 😬🤣😅

Survey Notes.
1st Floor is on 4 different levels…. 😬🤣😅


New Rear Extension + Side Extension 😅🔨🏗👷🏼‍♂️👷‍♀️🙌👏

Supporting Clients.
Fabric 1st approach.
Doing things the right way.


‪Got introduced the @Glavloc building system yesterday at a presentation in their facility in Cork. ‬
‪Very innovative, using recycled timber / waste timber & ideal for difficult sites. ‬
#PassiveHouse Standard‬
‪Looks Clever + Simple at the same time.‬


Great progress by the Builder this week in Abbeyside. Roof Steel + Roof Joists to the Rear Extension are in. 
Block work progressing. Plywood roof deck to falls, roof insulation, waterproofing system + roof light next. 
Before works begins on the new Side Extension.😅👏👏✏️📐🔨🏗👷🏼‍♂️👷‍♀️🙌

Great progress by the Builder this week in Abbeyside. Roof Steel + Roof Joists to the Rear Extension are in. 
Block work progressing. 
Blockwork to the Extension external wall perimeter roof parapet starting next.
Roof Steel + Roof Joists to the Rear Extension are in. 
Block work progressing.



View out towards rear garden. The block work for the window seat has to go in yet….
The Extension Space is taking shape…
The opening in the joists is for the Roof Light.
The view from the new Hall door, entering the new Extension….. The new roof light opening is over head + the Kitchen Island will be on the left side….


Q. In real terms, what is the equivalent area of an Air-Tightness Test Result of 7 m3/(hr.m2)?
A. It would be in effect be like having a hole the size of an A4 page in the external wall of a new house ( = cold air in / warm air out). & costing people money.
We attended the ‘BUILD BETTER’ Conference for Residential Compliance & Meeting nZEB in #Waterford on Tuesday.

Hosted by Saint Gobain, Gyproc, Isover & Weber, providing skills, information + discussion with presentation from Jason Horex Saint Gobain, Niall Vaughan CLV, Brian Dempsey WIT + Conor Taaffe Homebond, on:

– Fire Safety for Dwellings (Building Regulation update),
– Sound + Dwelling Acoustics,
– nZEB (near zero energy buildings) + Thermal Bridging,
– Air Tightness,
– Masonry + Rendering.

– Equivalent area of an Air-Tightness Test Result of 7 m3/(hr.m2) = A4 page size approx. (2011 Building Regulations maximum result)
– Equivalent area of an Air-Tightness Test Result of 5 m3/(hr.m2) = A4 page x 70% size approx. (2019 Building Regulations maximum result)
– Equivalent area of an Air-Tightness Test Result of 3 m3/(hr.m2) = A4 page x 40% size approx. (2019 Building Regulations max. result with MHRV)
– Equivalent area of an Air-Tightness Test Result of 0.6 m3/(hr.m2) = A4 x 9% page size approx. (Passive House Standard)

Overall very informative + a good morning of learning at the Tower Hotel….


Productive Sunday evening. 😅

Loving our new #Bathroom #Shelves



Various stages of progress in the last few weeks…. 😅👏👏✏️📐🔨🏗👷🏼‍♂️👷‍♀️🙌

Works progressing on this House Extension Project in Dungarvan, with a new south, east + west facing ground floor Rear Extension, new Kitchen + Living Space. (Plus a separate Side Extension 🛏️🛁, works which have not started yet).

Images of the Proposed Extension drawings will be posted in the next while.

  • The connection of People + their House to a site.
  • Supporting Clients.
  • Design to make things look right.
  • Fabric 1st approach.
  • Quality of materials + construction.
  • Doing things the right way.

BigWeekOnTheHouse #Renovation #Extension #Construction #Architect 

The steel post is to support the Rear Door / Window Opening, located at the kink in the rear wall. The top of the post will be the Rear Extension Ceiling Level + top of the opening.
Concrete Floor poured to the New Extension – at + 20mm above Existing Floors to allow for the new Extension polished concrete floor to be finished level with finishes to be fitted to existing floors.
Radon membrane, damp proof membrane DPM, floor insulation (along with under floor services being fitted…)
Existing House Rear Elevation


New with old. Getting closer to Completion in Fermoy. 😅👏👏✏️📐🧱🔨🏗👷🏼‍♂️👷‍♀️


Let there be … Day Light …

Works progressing in #Fermoy. 

New #Alu-P Passive House Standard Windows

– The connection of people + their House to a site.

– Supporting Clients.

– Design to make things look right.

– Fabric 1st approach.

– Quality of materials + construction.

– Doing things the right way.


#Renovation #Construction #Architect 

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‪Progress…. 👏‬

‪On a low pitch roof (being re-roofed), on a house renovation project this week. ‬

#renovation #roof #roofing #lowpitch #construction #building #architect#BigWeekOnTheHouse


#People + #Place The connection of People + their House to a site.

Eoin O’Keeffe Architects 2018 Review, PART 02, July to December.

🎥📺🎬 #Vlog

[ON YOUTUBE: EOKA 2018 Review, PART 02, July to December.]


#Light #Space #Materials 

#Architects #Construction 

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Was up at the Pairc yesterday @PaircUiCha0imh at the #CorkNZEBConf19 #nZEB
Nearly Zero Energy Buildings, effectively passive house standard, becoming the norm very soon!‬
‪Lean, Clean + Green Buildings. ‬


Counter battening being prepared on a low pitch roof (being re-roofed), on a house renovation project this week. #renovation #roof #roofing #lowpitch #construction #building #architect #BigWeekOnTheHouse


Eoin O’Keeffe Architects 2018 Review, Part 01, January to June.
🎥📺🎬 #Vlog

On YouTube: EOKA 2018 Review, PART 01, January to June.


#Light #Space #Materials 
#People + #Place 
#Architects #Construction


‪Worked on this garden seat #restoration with the family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 over the Christmas. 🎄 Grand way to spend a few hours outside. ⛅️🗜🔩🔧👩🏻‍🎨👨🏼‍🎨


#Garden #Seat #CastIron

[Update on 12 Jan 2019] We knew the garden seat cast iron sides were passed down a generation or two:

(I asked) & from what we know the garden seat goes back to our Great Grand Father on my mother’s side, Christopher Farrell (born May 24, 1881) from #Fahan in Co. #Donegal.


#Dungarvan looking misty + mystical yesterday morning (05 Dec)


‪Pretty happy with the butchering of this year’s pumpkin. ‬
‪Sure to keep the Púca away! ‬


‘Why SPECIFICATIONS are still important…..’ 🤓

We like No. 11: “By being clear and concise and containing all the information, it SAVES the Project Team, the Client and the Contractor TIME + MONEY by providing ANSWERS to many of the on-site construction questions”.


‪Early start this morning.‬
#BigWeekOnTheHouse 👏


What a day (yesterday) for a site visit! Finishes getting there now.👏🙂


Nicely surprised to find Pairc Ui Chaoimh as a featured project in the current edition of RIAI Architecture Ireland magazine. Proud to have been involved with Scott Tallon Walker Architects @stwarchitects as the site architect on Pairc Ui Chaoimh during 2016 + 2017. 👷‍♂️👷‍♀️🏗️🔨📐✏️


‪Some new kit debuted in the @TriDungarvan Dungarvan Triathlon 🏊‍♂️🚴‍♂️🏃‍♂️ on Saturday featuring

The DPW Group,
Barrons Coffee House +
Eoin O’Keeffe Architects. 👏

‪Super job @donohoe_micheal @rich_depalma @billycarrjnr ! 👍😅

‪Top support @emhallahan @NoonanAgri @nid92 🙏


Old Kitchen light – out. ‬
‪New Kitchen light – in.‬
🙂😍 A bright future a head! 😎
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Variety is the spice of life…
– Presented Sketch Designs of a new Project,
– Coordinated works of a current project on site,
– Design coordination,
– & drawing up survey plans and elevations based on survey notes of an existing dwelling house.


New extension counter battened roof for full-fill rafter insulation build up.

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Out of this world…. Moon-rise last evening.

#Dungarvan Bay.

#HeatWave in #Abbeyside

A beautiful end to a beautiful day!

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Great weather for roofing! ☀✏📐🔨👷🏻


A quick sketch floor plan of a proposed new rear extension to an existing 2 storey semi-d, from an Initial Consultation earlier this week.

There is the basis of a nice scheme there anyway. 👍🙂




‪A herd of onlookers during our site visit this morning…. ‬


New house renovation + extension project broke ground this week. 👷‍♂️⛏📐Always an exciting and energising time on a project. 🙂👏 #BigWeekontheHouse

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Our 2018 RIAI Mark has been added to the website: Registered Architect of the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland.



We attended the RIAI Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Network Roadshow in Cork last Tuesday 06 Mar 2018 for RIAI Members. 🤓


#RegisteredArchitect 👷🏼‍♂️✏📐🖊 read more …


Photos of the exterior – before the renovation works, have just been added to the web page for the Kilclare Lower, Bungalow Renovation & Extension project.

BEFORE: read more …


We were in The Moorings, Dungarvan @mooringsdungarv Saturday morning with Newstalk’s @bobbykerr on #downtobusiness winning back the high street. #dungarvan #BobbyBizDungarvan

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Attended the Passive House Briefing in CIT Architecture Factory in Cork last evening, by the Passive House Association of Ireland, Southern Region.




Approaching the end of our 1st week in our new HQ! Settling in nicely.

#TheCauseway #Abbeyside #ColliganRiver #Dungarvan #2018

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What is ‘nZEB’?
‘nZEB’ stands for ‘nearly zero Energy Buildings’ which have a “very high energy performance”.
The “nearly zero or very low amount of energy should be covered to a very significant extent from renewable sources produced on-site or nearby”.

When does nZEB kick-in?

After 31st December 2018 for buildings owned and occupied by public authorities and by 31st December 2020 for all other buildings.

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‪Day 2 – Nearly Zero Energy Building Forum at the Clayton Hotel, Wexford. ‬

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‪Day 1 – Nearly Zero Energy Building Forum in Wexford County Buildings. ‬

‪Workshops on Thermal Bridge Modelling + Estimating Costs & Financials on Delivering High Performance Projects.‬
#nzeb #phai #nZEBRA


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More progress on the renovation works in #Dungarvan:
Passive House standard windows (Triple Glazed, Aluminium Frames), (Triple Glazed, Alu-Clad Door) + Levelling Screed #NewFlooring

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Renovation works progressing in Dungarvan. 👏 Out with the old…….

(A social media post from 23 Oct 2017.)


House survey today (in Fermoy) – beautiful old fire place!

(A social media post from 10 Aug 2017.)


Lovely autumn morning 🍂 for setting out a site boundary in Castlelyons.👷🏻✏📐

(A social media post from 06 Oct 2017.)

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If you would like to get an overview of how and why Passive Houses work, please watch ‘Eco Eye’ on RTE Player from 28 Feb 2017 – which gives great insight into the principles of: read more …


If you’re thinking of undertaking your own building project, you may find some of the tips and advice from the new Quantity Surveyor from RTE’s Room to Improve Lisa O’Brien of assistance: 16 ways to breeze through your renovation from Room to Improve’s Lisa O’Brien

Some of the principal tips:

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Delighted to have received a Grant of Planning Permission for this proposed new Cottage Extension:

Adding a new Kitchen / Living Space with a Boot Room, Bathroom, built-in shelving and a new recessed Patio Area. The design incorporates a new front door with a canopy over and the front elevation of the new extension is angled to take advantage of the view of the Knockmealdown Mountains.


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The RIAI has issued a Press Release on Friday 15th May 2015, that proposes solutions to protect home buyers and to construct better quality buildings.

In summary the RIAI is calling for the following:

1-) It should be a legal requirement for Defects Insurance, known as LDI (Latent Defects Insurance), to be put in place by each Developer read more …


Re-blogged – originally posted on BREGS BLOG, by bregs blog admin team:

Quote from article:

PI (Professional Indemnity) Insurance is taken out by those providing a professional service to provide cover against claims for error or negligence. Generally, PI covers the legal fees involved in defending a claim and the cost of ‘righting the wrong’ if the professional was found to have been at fault. read more …


The Building Control (Amendment) Regulations (BCAR) will apply to most building works (including new houses, housing and apartments, house extensions over 40m2, schools, factories, offices, shops, hospitals and other government investment projects) from 1st March 2014. read more …


As of 01 March 2014 the new Building Control (Amendment) Regulations (BCAR) will be enforced.

The process of building projects (new builds and domestic extensions greater than 40sq.m.) will change as the BCAR puts a clear onus on the owners, designers and builders to fulfil their roles in full compliance with the law. read more …


“Passive House Design” and “Passive Solar Design” are two terms bandied about. However to the lay person it can be difficult to under what these terms actually mean, or to distinguish what the different between them.





This is believed to have been a 10 year construction contract!! Not bad for starting in 1554, by the FitzGeralds (Earls of Desmond).

South Elevation:


Photos from the Conna Castle History Tour for the Gathering in Conna, Co. Cork during the August Bank Holiday 2013.






Thanks to the organisers and for the interest of locals and visitors alike – great turn out!

Notice the ‘murder hole’ high up over the door:

P1010572 BConna Castle stands on a limestone bluff on the south bank of the river bride.

East Elevation:

P1010570 B

P1010575 B

The castle is a tall tower house, at about 80 feet in height and containing five storeys.

P1010571 BCastle Interior – the timber ceiling of the ground floor is gone, but the vaulted ceiling of the ‘Earl’s Room’ on the 1st floor remains:

P1010578 B

P1010579 B

Castle Interior – rooms at 3rd and 4th floor [although 4th floor plate is long gone…]:

P1010581 B

P1010586 B

Top level battlements – again with floor plate and roof long gone. View north west over top of wall:

P1010589 C

Don’t fall over!:

P1010603 B

Panoramic view from top – south, west & north.

Conna village to left side with River Bride winding its through the fields.

(Click on the photo to enlarge).P1010599