RIAI Press Release: “Protect Home Buyers and Construct Better Quality Buildings”

The RIAI has issued a Press Release on Friday 15th May 2015, that proposes solutions to protect home buyers and to construct better quality buildings.

In summary the RIAI is calling for the following:

1-) It should be a legal requirement for Defects Insurance, known as LDI (Latent Defects Insurance), to be put in place by each Developer so that consumers are completely protected should a defect arise in the building they have purchased.

2-) That inspections and certification should be carried out by a competent, objective, professional that is completely independent from the building developer.

3-) No relaxation or removal of Building regulations Compliance for Single houses or Extensions.

4-) The current VAT rate of 23% for Design or Assigned Certifier fees should be reduced to 13.5% to reduce additional building costs from the consumer and allow them to invest in higher quality homes.

5-) That a Public Awareness Campaign be delivered by Government. A public survey by the RIAI has shown that 71% of the public had not heard of the new Regulations.

See the full article by clicking on the following link: http://www.riai.ie/news/article/riai_proposes_solutions_to_protect_home_buyers_and_construct_better_quality