An introduction to the new Building Control (Amendment) Regulations

As of 01 March 2014 the new Building Control (Amendment) Regulations (BCAR) will be enforced.

The process of building projects (new builds and domestic extensions greater than 40sq.m.) will change as the BCAR puts a clear onus on the owners, designers and builders to fulfil their roles in full compliance with the law. This will involve certification by client appointed certifiers before construction work begins and on completion of the project, that the building has been designed and built in accordance with the Building Regulations.

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Any building that has a valid Commencement Notice submitted to the local authority before 01 March 2014 would be considered to fall under the current regulations, and avoid the requirements of the new regulations.

The purpose of this legislation is understood to help deliver better designed and built buildings by having the various parties submit large amounts of documentation and certification to the Building Control Authority – with the aim of increased “consumer protection”. But at what cost to owners and clients? This will involve a large increase in the the paper trail, work load, administration, certification, fees and (possibly) professional indemnity insurance premiums.

The fall out from this legislation is not yet fully understood by the industry or the public at large, but it will have a dramatic affect on how architects, engineers and quantity surveyors deliver their services. Furthermore it will affect prospectives self-builders (planning to build through direct labour) and on the additional time that is required to design / build and certify buildings (driving up costs for building owners).

Interesting times ahead. Watch this space!