Abbeyside House Extension Works, Dungarvan

Various stages of progress in the last few weeks…. 😅👏👏✏️📐🔨🏗👷🏼‍♂️👷‍♀️🙌

Works progressing on this House Extension Project in Dungarvan, with a new south, east + west facing ground floor Rear Extension, new Kitchen + Living Space. (Plus a separate Side Extension 🛏️🛁, works which have not started yet).

Images of the Proposed Extension drawings will be posted in the next while.

  • The connection of People + their House to a site.
  • Supporting Clients.
  • Design to make things look right.
  • Fabric 1st approach.
  • Quality of materials + construction.
  • Doing things the right way.

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The steel post is to support the Rear Door / Window Opening, located at the kink in the rear wall. The top of the post will be the Rear Extension Ceiling Level + top of the opening.
Concrete Floor poured to the New Extension – at + 20mm above Existing Floors to allow for the new Extension polished concrete floor to be finished level with finishes to be fitted to existing floors.
Radon membrane, damp proof membrane DPM, floor insulation (along with under floor services being fitted…)
Existing House Rear Elevation

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