Retrofit Air Tightness Tape + Insulation, Existing Dwelling House, West Waterford, Eoin O’Keeffe Architects

#InOurSpareTime 002 – Front Hall with an Uninsulated Wall, Ceiling + Drafts… & Happy with the results now.

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#InOurSpareTime When investigating, why the Front Hall has been cold in previous winters & find: (1) A big hole at the Elec. Distribution Board, where the cables feed in through the wall. (There was even a draft today, when there is barely any wind!) (2) No Insulation in wall over door + cold air blowing […]

'Fabric First' Strategies. Traditional Thick Solid Stone Walls. Eoin O'Keeffe Architects | The Connection of People + their House to a Site

Thermal Insulation + Heating System Strategies, Air Tightness Levels + a ‘Fabric First’ Approach: in relation to Traditional Thick Solid Stone Walled Buildings

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Some ideas + discussions that recently arose with a Client on a Project: Involving the refurbishment of a traditional Irish Farm House, of existing solid wall construction (typically 600mm thick walls) with a proposed small scale new Front Entrance Lobby Extension. A discussion from the viewpoint of Thermal Insulation, Heating, Air Tightness + Building Fabric […]

Abbeyside House Extension Works, Dungarvan, update…

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Great progress by the Builder this week in Abbeyside. Roof Steel + Roof Joists to the Rear Extension are in. Block work progressing. Plywood roof deck to falls, roof insulation, waterproofing system + roof light next. Before works begins on the new Side Extension.😅👏👏✏️📐🔨🏗👷🏼‍♂️👷‍♀️🙌 #BigWeekOnTheHouse #FabricFirstApproach#Extension #Renovation#Abbeyside #Dungarvan#Construction #Architect #PEOPLE + #PLACE#LIGHT, #SPACE + #MATERIALS

Abbeyside House Extension Works, Dungarvan

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Various stages of progress in the last few weeks…. 😅👏👏✏️📐🔨🏗👷🏼‍♂️👷‍♀️🙌 Works progressing on this House Extension Project in Dungarvan, with a new south, east + west facing ground floor Rear Extension, new Kitchen + Living Space. (Plus a separate Side Extension 🛏️🛁, works which have not started yet). Images of the Proposed Extension drawings will […]

Garden Seat Restoration

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‪Worked on this garden seat #restoration with the family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 over the Christmas. 🎄 Grand way to spend a few hours outside. ⛅️🗜🔩🔧👩🏻‍🎨👨🏼‍🎨‬ ‪😅😊 #Garden #Seat #CastIron [Update on 12 Jan 2019] We knew the garden seat cast iron sides were passed down a generation or two: (I asked) & from what we know the […]